CESAR SANTALO - SUper fixer upper

Cesar Santalo - Super Fixer Upper

Release Date: September 13, 2019

Label: Purple Music


  1. Super Fixer Upper

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“Super Fixer Upper” was inspired by a person who’s life is a mess, who can’t get their things in order and needs overall reset on life. Hailing from Miami, a place known for its sunny beaches and smoke and mirrors, Cesar, who has had to deal with these types of people before, relives this as he references past relationships and his positive outlook on what's ahead with this track.

Throughout 2018, Santalo’s unique spin on R&B has been met with major success at every avenue, eventually landing him a performance at SXSW 2019. Super Fixer Upper however, blends a more up-tempo beat with the R&B basics thus making this the first of many tracks to be released that will expand the artists repertoire.

Santalo attributes his passion for the arts as the culmination of what his city represents. Miami thrives on diversity, a true cultural epicenter where the lifeblood of the city is deeply rooted in its unique visual art, music, and lifestyle.

With little preparation but mucho drive, Cesar booked his first studio session in 2017. However, the lack of preparation would be no match for his artistic vision – a vision that was clearer than ever before. He knew what he had to do. Tapping into the influences from his youth, combined with his innate talent, Cesar Santalo channeled his potent creative energy in the studio to create his first song ever.

The studio became Santalo’s new home. After countless hours and sleepless nights, Cesar Santalo put the final touches to THINGS HAPPEN, a seven-track contemporary EP released in 2017 – an impressive project for any artist, especially considering he had started making music only a year prior to the release date.

Unsigned and with no strategic promotion, Cesar went on to release a slew of singles including 3AM, MOVING ON, and DO YOU TRY, that would go on to garner millions of streams across all platforms.

Super Fixer Upper is available on all streaming platforms starting today.