Silent Addy

Although actions speak louder than words, much can be said about Silent Addy. The DJ, The producer, and The Creative Visionary revitalizing Miami’s dancehall scene. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, he has already made a name for himself headlining some of South Florida’s biggest Caribbean events. Chances are, if you’ve vibed to dancehall music in Miami in the past decade, it was because of Silent Addy. His acclaimed parties have a vast and loyal following and have brought out the likes of music icons such as Diplo, Sean Paul, and Ape Drums.

Whether he’s behind the decks, producing Miami’s coolest events, or collaborating with some of your favorite dancehall artists, Silent Addy is bringing Jamaican culture to the forefront and proving that you don't need a lot of words to make a lot of noise.

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