Steven A. Clark - Hypervigilant

Steven A. Clark - Hypervigilant

Release Date: October 11, 2019

Label: Super Music Group


  1. I hate everything

  2. Happiness [Sept 20 Release]

  3. I can’t change you

  4. Slugs [Oct 4 Release]

  5. Karma [Sept 27 Release]

  6. Nothing in the end

  7. Free, again

  8. Insecure world

  9. Close my eyes (hidden track)

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Through Steven A. Clark’s indie pop-infused contemporary R&B songs, one can envision the afflictions he’s conquered using music as his weapon. From becoming a father at a young age to enduring the brutal murder of his uncle, (one of the most significant influences on his creativity) Clark utilizes his craft to reflect on the adversities that have contributed to his lifelong battle with anxiety and depression. While his story depicts tragedy and heartbreak, it is nonetheless the embodiment of love, resilience and the pursuit of authentic self-expression.

What comes next is Hypervigilant, Clark’s third LP and the most personal of his career so far, both musically and lyrically. Building off his dynamic, 80s pop inspired second LP, the Boyz Noise produced ‘Where Neon Goes to Die’, this upcoming self-produced, more alternative record solidifies Clark’s versatility as an artist. Driven by a profoundly personal, introspective, and unbounded place, Clark authentically and unapologetically expresses his inner-self. The project in both lyrical content and in mood delve into the depths of depression and its relationship to love and heartbreak.

As Clark puts in his own words: “With this new project I was in a really volatile, toxic relationship. It was an extremely painful experience for me that broke me open. Just showed me how much I didn’t love myself. It was literally the best of times and the worst of times. Like a drug. I was exposed to the trauma that other people carry and exposed to traumas of my own. Addiction, abuse, and toxicity. I also learned what love is not. All of that falls into mental illness. With my new music it’s not about making the perfect song or writing something profound. It’s just about a feeling. A raw emotion.”

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